Engaging the patient,every step of the way.

PatchAi® is a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), which creates an innovative and personalised patient experience, by focusing on engagement. With seamless functionality and aesthetic design: data collection and patient retention have never been simpler.

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Engagement is the result of authentic conversation. 

Every day, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PatchAi® continuously learns and implements strategies to support patients, adapting personality & tone of conversation to their needs. Precision medicine is only made possible with complete focus on the patient.

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Why is it imperative to reduce the cost and complexity of clinical research?


The average patient drop-out rate, owing to the complexity of the study protocol (visits, procedures & therapy). 


The percentage of clinical trials failing to meet milestones, with delays that often exceed one month.


The percentage of clinical trials using paper-based solutions or those not focused on engagement to collect data.

PatchAi® is the prime solution to collect high-quality ePRO & Real World Data and retain patients. Personalized, innovative and intelligent.

L’empowerment del paziente, a portata di App.

Supportare la consapevolezza del paziente rispetto alla propria salute è elemento essenziale per promuovere comportamenti positivi e responsabili. PatchAi® offre contenuti educativi on-demand.

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Patient centricity, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. 

The long journey of a clinical trial can be challenging. PatchAi® appeals to patients because it simplifies their journey, empowering them to play an active role in the generation of Real World Evidence (RWE). Engagement increases through empathic conversations, a patient-friendly interface, personalized statistics and gamification techniques that reward the most active patients and support those who need it.

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Farewell ePRO. Hello Co-PRO®. A new revolution is here with our Conversational Patient Reported Outcomes.

PatchAi® is intuitive & engaging. It enables you to continuously acquire valuable data while enhancing the overall patient experience during clinical trials and post-marketing studies. You can monitor engagement, therapy adherence, symptoms, quality of life and other information reported by patients in real time with our Virtual Assistant.

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Nuovi strumenti tecnologici per i medici

The app accompanies a cognitive platform custom-made for researchers and sponsors.

The PatchAi® Web Dashboard helps keep track of patients, sites and the overall study and offers an immersive experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.  

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Source Data Verification:

Seamless integration with eCRFs to ensure real-time logging of patient reported data with time-stamps.


Data queries:

Platform tailored for the trial protocol  to eliminate inconsistent data and out-of-range invalid data.


Duration of clinical trial:

Everything happens faster, thanks to the optimized and compliant data collection and transfer processes, with full audit trail.  

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Do you still use a calculator and make double-entries?

No more pen and paper frustration! The data collected by the Virtual Assistant are processed automatically and made available on our Web Dashboard through custom graphs and reports with only two clicks. Researchers as well as sponsors have access to a wealth of real-time information, including: 

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Patient Engagement
Adherence to therapy
Quality of life

Dealing with sensitive data can be complex, but not for PatchAi®.

It is a reliable and effective platform, hosted on IBM® infrastructure, that enables patient data management in compliance with the highest standards of quality, security and privacy in healthcare.

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Are you ready to dive into the future of research?

PatchAi® has made easy what was once complex, with a digital solution tailored to the needs of the patient. Never underestimate the power of empathy.

Modern Cloud-scale technology

PatchAi® can be configured for each individual study protocol across all phases (2-4), optimizing clinical trial workflow and timelines. 

Patient centric

Patient-friendly conversational interface and custom engagement strategies. Result? Increased protocol adherence and reduced risk of patient drop-out.

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Smart insights

High quality Real World Data will help uncover new study and patient insights 

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